Community partners

Are you organizing an event for the under-served or underprivileged? Do you serve a population that may benefit from interview and resume workshops? We would love to have an opportunity to share how area|Talent can connect with you and the community.

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There are an estimated 100 million homeless people worldwide. In Los Angeles County alone, there are over 57,000 homeless men, women, and children. In 2015, Los Angeles topped the nation in chronic homelessness, with over 12,000. The government classifies disabled people who go without housing for a year, or who land in the street several times over three years, as chronically homeless. These individuals are the most vulnerable and visible. Men make up 80% of the homeless population, and nearly 40% of the overall homeless population has some certification or degree related to skilled labor.



LGBTQ+ YOUTH Population

LGBTQ+ youth, ages 12-24 make up one of the largest populations of homeless with estimated thousands, at any given time, in the Los Angeles area. Organizations such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center and The Trevor Project provide services and advocacy for LGBT people.

The Trevor Project

Los Angeles LGBT Center

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness-HRC

LGBTQ Homelessness-NationalHomeless.Org

Other populations

Vulnerable and under-served populations include economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, uninsured, low-income, the elderly, and chronically ill. Vulnerability increases with race, ethnicity, age, sex, income, insurance, and source of care.