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Seeking New York City Recruiting Professionals

Are you an independent self-starter with experience in a start-up?  Do your peers look up to you as a leader and a strategic thinker who is excited about the big picture of community health?  Do you have a proven track record of finding and recruiting "A" talent?  area|Talent is looking for you!  My client is seeking a talent recruiter in the NYC area (Brooklyn) that has a minimum of 2 years recruiting experience.  

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area|Talent has helped connect organizations with "A" talent throughout the United States. With roots in consulting, people management, and human resources,  area|Talent brings experience, knowledge, and heart to human resources.  Not interested in this position?  Check out our other opportunities!  

Performance Based Hiring & The Role of Talent Acquisition Professionals

Talent acquisition and management is just one of the many roles HR professionals have as business partners in an organization, which is why time management is critical to the success of HR professionals.  Lou Adler, the man behind performance-based hiring, has helped me reduce the time I devote to sourcing candidates by creating effective job postings.  Lou's performance-based hiring focuses on creating job postings that describe the ideal candidate.  For example, in the world of customer service, a member experience advocate may be responsible for handling phone calls and responding to customer inquiries via email.  This is a pretty typical description, right?  A performance-based description would state something along the lines of the ideal candidate's ability to answer 50 phone calls and respond to 35 web inquiries.  The first example is a typical job description whereas the second example is a candidate description.  Using a performance-based job description has reduced sourcing time by 50% because I receive fewer resumes and the resumes I do get are higher quality candidates.  

But as a talent acquisition professional, I am sourcing for multiple careers and some of these careers have pre-written job postings.  I am not always able to speak with the hiring manager to gain a better understanding of the expectations they have for someone in the role and as a result, I get dozens of resumes from unqualified people.  This is also time consuming and energy draining for a hiring manager.  I can not tell you how many unqualified candidates I would get pushed from HR when I was a hiring manager!  

Connecting with area|Talent to discuss your hiring needs gets you one step closer to reducing your recruiting expenses and meeting your organizational objectives.