What Questions Do You Have for Me?

At the conclusion of an interview, the candidate asked me what I was looking for.  After I provided my answer (which the job posting literally answered) they asked if they were the person I was looking for.  They were not!  But as the hiring manager, I decided to let HR be the "bad guy" and I told them that we had several candidates to interview and we would be following up with them.  

What is a best practice you use when asked that question? Do you think the hiring manager should answer the question or defer to HR?  

What Are You Wearing!?

One of the most awkward conversations managers and HR professionals have are around the topic of dress code violations.  "What do you mean I can't wear this halter top, Susan?"  Here are some tips to make  dress code violation conversations less stressful:

  • Post the dress code in a visible place, like the break room.
  • Use the change in weather to remind associate's of appropriate attire. This can be done in a fun, informative bulletin at the change of each season.  
  • Have a member of the same gender address the dress code violation.
  • Address violations equally.
  • Do not mention appearance when addressing the violation.
  • Listen to what the associate has to say.  Do they have a financial hardship and limited outfit options?  

What suggestions do you have for addressing dress code violations? Do you have any good stories to share around this topic?