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Discover Your Perfect Career

Considering a career change or trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up?  (Psst...it's okay to be 40 and not grown up!)  Take the career assessment from Sokanu.  

To get the most accurate results, take the time to answer all of the questions and do not skip sections.  Take your time.  There are a lot of questions but that's what makes this assessment stand out from others.  

I got Entrepreneur and Human Resource Manager.  What result did you get?  Do you agree with the assessment?  

What Questions Do You Have for Me?

At the conclusion of an interview, the candidate asked me what I was looking for.  After I provided my answer (which the job posting literally answered) they asked if they were the person I was looking for.  They were not!  But as the hiring manager, I decided to let HR be the "bad guy" and I told them that we had several candidates to interview and we would be following up with them.  

What is a best practice you use when asked that question? Do you think the hiring manager should answer the question or defer to HR?