dress code

What Are You Wearing!?

One of the most awkward conversations managers and HR professionals have are around the topic of dress code violations.  "What do you mean I can't wear this halter top, Susan?"  Here are some tips to make  dress code violation conversations less stressful:

  • Post the dress code in a visible place, like the break room.
  • Use the change in weather to remind associate's of appropriate attire. This can be done in a fun, informative bulletin at the change of each season.  
  • Have a member of the same gender address the dress code violation.
  • Address violations equally.
  • Do not mention appearance when addressing the violation.
  • Listen to what the associate has to say.  Do they have a financial hardship and limited outfit options?  

What suggestions do you have for addressing dress code violations? Do you have any good stories to share around this topic?