A Resume That Gets You Noticed

As a FiverrPro resume writer, I am contacted by people across the globe to create resumes that land interviews. Some clients come with a completed resume, looking for feedback. Other clients come with nothing. The first thing I look for in a resume is the format. Is this resume ATS compliant? The second thing I look for is content. Does this resume show accomplishments? You literally have 6 seconds to catch the attention of a recruiter.

There are many services that provide awesome looking resumes but the problem with an awesome looking resume can be their readability. My first tip to clients is to forget the resume aesthetics and focus on the content. Recruiters most commonly use Boolean searches when looking for talent. If your resume is not readable, you won’t be found.

The most common misstep I see in almost every resume is the listing of job responsibilities. As a hiring manager I want to see what you’ve done. Your accomplishments. This is why a winning resume is written with 3 key things in mind. A challenge…an action…and an accomplishment. Telling me that you managed the client onboarding process doesn’t say much. But if you tell me you slashed client onboarding time by 35% with streamlined processes, that tells me your capabilities.

An effective resume contains the following:

  1. A brief summary of your skills, accomplishments, and purpose of the resume

  2. 3-6 bullets per job highlighting specific accomplishments

  3. Proper spelling and grammar

  4. No more than 2 pages

  5. Only list jobs going back 10-15 years (some exceptions may apply)

  6. No photos (unless you live in a country that it is customary to include)

When creating a resume, focus on content over aesthetics. Write the resume to showcase what you are capable of doing, not what you do. Task oriented resumes are basic and your’e not! A resume is your one chance to get an interview which is why many people turn to professional resume writers to translate professional success into a career winning resume. You have 6 seconds…make those 6 seconds count.

About the author: Don has a Masters in Human Resource Management and has been writing resumes for over 10 years and is a FiverrPro resume writer (only 3% of resume writers are approved to become Pros). His background includes managing, staffing, and recruiting for Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time, Don loves to travel the globe and spend time with his cats (yes…plural).

Is There a Correlation Between Resume Quality and Experience?

Over the course of my HR career, I have observed the following characteristics when it comes to candidates and resumes:

  1. There is a correlation between education, experience, and quality of resume.
  2. Entry level resumes are more likely to have formatting, grammar, and spelling errors.
  3. Entry level positions receive 10 times the number of applicants than a director level position.

Keep in mind that entry level does not mean "fresh out of school".  A large number of candidates submitting for entry level roles have years of experience in entry level roles.  This is why career seekers at all levels must invest the time in perfecting a resume.  On the entry level end you are submitting against 10 times the number of applicants but a polished resume puts you immediately at the top of the pile.  On the professional end, you are competing against fewer applicants which means your resume must stand out to even be considered for that first phone call.  

If you receive a resume that has errors, do you share the findings with the candidate?    If you are the candidate, would you want that feedback?

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