Is There a Correlation Between Resume Quality and Experience?

Over the course of my HR career, I have observed the following characteristics when it comes to candidates and resumes:

  1. There is a correlation between education, experience, and quality of resume.
  2. Entry level resumes are more likely to have formatting, grammar, and spelling errors.
  3. Entry level positions receive 10 times the number of applicants than a director level position.

Keep in mind that entry level does not mean "fresh out of school".  A large number of candidates submitting for entry level roles have years of experience in entry level roles.  This is why career seekers at all levels must invest the time in perfecting a resume.  On the entry level end you are submitting against 10 times the number of applicants but a polished resume puts you immediately at the top of the pile.  On the professional end, you are competing against fewer applicants which means your resume must stand out to even be considered for that first phone call.  

If you receive a resume that has errors, do you share the findings with the candidate?    If you are the candidate, would you want that feedback?

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