What's Wrong With Me?

Let me start off by telling you "NOTHING"...nothing is wrong with you!  It's easy to get into a funk after being declined for job after job or not getting a call at all.  

If you are not getting a call, the problem may be your resume.  It never hurts to have your friends and family review your resume or even pay a professional to help brand yourself.  

If you are getting an interview but not landing the job, are you guilty of any of these top reasons people do not get hired?

  • No eye contact
  • Bad posture
  • Overly confident
  • Inappropriately dressed

Something as simple as making eye contact can stop you from landing your dream job.  This is completely avoidable!  Role play interview scenarios and practice eye contact, posture, and confidence.  It's great to be confident but do not oversell yourself and come across as Mr./Mrs. Know It All.  

Hiring Managers/Recruiters, share your stories about the most unique reasons you passed over a candidate!